PJ Ladd’s part in the wonderful horrible life came seemingly out of nowhere and took the whole skateboard world by surprise. Unless you were in the select few who had seen him skate already, you were in for a real treat.

PJ Ladd’s wonderful horrible life was made by a relatively small shop called Coliseum in Melrose, MA which operated during the 2000s before closing its doors in 2009. The movie itself included parts from the PJ himself as well as industry pros like Ryan Gallant and Jereme Rogers. Little did they know that one specific part would change the way we look at skateboarding forever. Yes, we know this may sound like an overstatement. However, in this case it’s definitely rings true and it instantly solidified PJ Ladd’s status as an industry legend forever. It is absolutely nuts to think how much he was able to do in just under five minutes.
From technical skating to handrails, his style and effortless technical prowess paved the way for the next generation of skaters to where it is now. So sit back, enjoy and be prepared to be hyped.
This is PJ Ladd’s wonderful horrible life.

PJ Ladd is on insta too!

You can also follow PJ Ladd on instagram for more skate clips etc.
Also, special thanks to Coliseum as well as Thrasher Magazine for sharing this video. Check them out!
We do not own this video, we are merely sharing the best footage we can find.

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