Our first installment into the snowboard watchlist contains one of the most influential video parts of all time. Back in 2002 when the Forum snowboard team was stacked with pros like Devun Walsh, Björn Leines, Joni Malmi & Peter Line, came a part that was still able to rise above others.

Of course, we’re talking about JP Walker.

For those who’ve seen True Life, this is no news at all. Yet, those who are yet to see what jibbing and rail destroying looked like in the early 2000s, you are in for a real treat. It is hard to imagine what snowboarding would look like nowadays without the standard that this video part set for the younger generation. But don’t think for a second that rails are the only thing getting a beating. There’s definitely enough to satisfy your park and backcountry needs as well.

The music.
The baggy pants.
And a video part that sparked a new wave of rail riders.

This is JP Walker’s True Life. 

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You can also find JP Walker on instagram where he regularly posts clips and photos of his own snowboarding.

He also has a youtube channel. Definitely check it out and give him a follow!


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