Just yesterday, the Berrics released Chris Joslin’s new heavy-hitting part ”Ode to London”, which is dedicated to Joslin’s daughter on her first birthday.

Beautiful gestures aside, this part combines some of Joslin’s heaviest tricks but with a haunting, almost ethereal background music. The part kicks off with some of his more technical tricks before catching it’s full stride for what Joslin is truly know for – high-impact skating. You’ll be looking for your jaw on the floor when he’s done.

Chris Joslin is on insta too!

Chris Joslin is also know as being one of the most hard-working skaters out there. Just check out his instagram and see for yourself.

Also special thanks to the Berrics for creating some of the best skateboarding content out there. Check it out!

We do not own this video, we are merely sharing the best footage we can find.

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