This weeks watchlist is a bit of a curveball.
Sometimes instead of watching a polished full-length part you just want to see what happens behind the scenes. One of the best representations of pure skill and love for skateboarding can be seen on B-sides of Bryan Herman’s Emerica Stay Gold part. This one is all about raw street skating. No music, no BS.

What makes this “part” so incredible is the fact that you can see how many hours of grinding has gone into a single line or even just one trick, and it brings a whole new vision to the life of a professional skateboarder. Blood, sweat and tears is what they call it, and in this instance it’s only fitting.

On the other hand, you see the true side of what skating is all about. It’s about friendship. It’s about passion, it’s about progress. It’s about constantly competing against your own self and pushing your own boundaries.

The result is a behind the scenes glimpse to one of the best parts in skateboarding. You may as well get ready to go out and skate.

Bryan Herman is on insta!

You can also find Herman on instagram where he regularly posts clips and photos of his own skating as well as the rest of the Emerica and Baker teams.

Also special thanks to Thrasher Magazine for sharing this video. Definitely check them out!


We do not own this video. We are merely sharing the best footage we can find.

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