First impressions

The Nike SB Team Classic is one of Nike’s newest additions in their ever-expanding skate shoe lineup. It features a sock-like construction for great fit and boardfeel. The construction is thin but flexible which means you can skate them straight out of the box. The name might be misleading as there is little ”classic” to be seen. First and foremost the Nike SB Team Classic seems like a forward looking design. Perhaps calling them ”future classics” would have been more appropriate. Anyway, here are the specs of the shoe. 

  • Suede and textile upper for durability
  • Internal bootie for a sock-like fit
  • Innovative traction pattern helps disperse pressure with each step
  • Angled slits carved on the sidewall helps create grip
  • Smooth sidewall helps deliver flick
  • Stretchy tongue for a snug, comfortable fit

Fit & Feel

The Nike SB Team Classic features an innovative sock-liner that immediately sets it apart from traditional skate shoes. The fit on these is closer to an athletic football/futsal shoe that I am personally a huge fan of. Anyone skating in those old Adidas Samba’s should be able to feel some similarities in the feel of the outsole. However, these offer a vastly more modern feel with the sock liner, which lock your feet comfortably in place without feeling too tight. 

The modern athletic design also means that the fit is more narrow than most skate shoes of the same size. The Nike SB Team Classic never feels too tight even with the slimmer design. Therefore, I would still say these run true to size.

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Nike SB Team Classic Nike SB Team Classic


The Nike SB Team Classic feels like a great modern vulcanized skate shoe that skates well right out of the box. The shoe is comfortable and grippy with a nice flick when doing flip tricks. All in all, I felt very comfortable on my board especially during the first sessions in the Nike SB Team Classic. One of my friends even said ”so you’re having one of those first try days”. And I couldn’t disagree with him – the shoes offered great grip and an impressive boardfeel which made skating a breeze. 

After a few sessions the Nike SB Team Classics loosened up a bit more and moulded to my feet for an even better level of comfort. However, I did notice that the sole started losing some of its grip after the initial break-in period. Nothing serious, but still, you can’t have it all. Even though the first sessions offered the best performance out of the shoe, they still remained skateable for their whole lifespan. Well done Nike! 

Comfort & Cushioning

These shoes are not designed for high impact skating. There. I said it! But while these shoes aren’t something that Jaws would pick, they still offer a comfortable ride for everyday skate sessions. The Nike SB Team Classics have enough cushioning to withstand most park and street skating with ease. 

However, the cushioning isn’t what makes these shoes special. It’s the modern sock-liner that hugs your feet and firmly locks them in place for an impressive level of comfort. You honestly forget that you are wearing shoes sometimes. 

The Nike SB Team Classic is a traditional looking vulcanized shoe spliced with some great modern features. What’s not to love?


At first glance the Nike SB Team Classics may not seem like the most durable pair of skate shoes. However, we were pleasantly surprised of the smart low toe box design and higher sidewalls. Since the sidewalls took the most of the wear-and-tear it also helped prevent immediate blow-outs when you are out there skating. That is why we would rate these relatively high in the durability department.

While laces in all skate shoes inevitably rip apart, the Nike SB Team Classics lasted surprisingly long due to the fact that they were pulled back towards the arch of the foot. And even if you do destroy your laces, the internal sockliner will make sure your shoes stay firmly on your feet.

The outsole also lasted a decent amount of time. Even when I was ready to get rid of the Nike SB Team Classics, they still had some tread in them. No holes whatsoever! However, we did find our pair to lose some grip after the first few skate sessions.

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Good flick




Looks great


Loses grip

What to improve?

While this review may sound like we’re praising these shoes too much, they are not perfect. Due to the sockliner and the suede toecap, these shoes run hot! Sure, the toe box has perforated holes but they seem to be there for aesthetic reasons only. Additionally, the sides of the Nike SB Team Classics are made from a synthetic mesh-like fabric which doesn’t seem to breathe as much as it could. 

Another thing to improve on is the sole – it loses its initial grip fairly quickly. Perhaps a different tread of a different material could provide a better grip with the same amount of durability.

Not a perfect shoe, but a few tweaks here and there and Nike would have one of the best shoes on the market. 

The bottom line

The Nike SB Team Classic is a traditional looking vulcanized shoe spliced with some great modern features. What’s not to love?

Nike SB Team Classic
Nike SB Team Classic
Nike SB Team Classic

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