The new season is just around the corner and while we are still waiting for the first snow to fall, the biggest snowboard companies have been quietly plotting their domination of the slopes. The new season will feature some old favorites as well as bold new snowboard designs. What we are most excited to see is the amount of variety in splitboards this year. So, if you’ve always wondered what owning one would be like, this might be the year. 

We’ve gathered a little sneak peek for you so you know what to expect from your favorite manufacturers. And, to make it even easier for you, we’ve also made the list in alphabetical order.

What we are most excited to see is the amount of variety in splitboards this year

Arbor snowboards

Arbor has been in the snowboard scene for three decades already so it’s safe to say they are doing something right. This season Arbor is coming up with some retro wood-veneer finishes for a number of their models. Additionally, they are bringing back the beloved A-Frame which will surely get speed demons frothing from their mouths. Definitely something to look for! Arbor Cask is another new snowboard design that takes the Terrapin and makes it into a more all-mountain friendly snowboard. 

Burton snowboards

Burton has been the biggest name in snowboarding for years now. That is why it is no surprise that they have a killer lineup of snowboards for the 2018/2019 season. They don’t become the biggest name in the ’biz for nothing! Aside from creating more variety in their step-on binding lineup (but more of that here), they have added some new snowboard designs for 2019. The Deja Vu the will be replaced with the Yeasayer which will come in Flying V and Flat Top profiles. The women’s snowboard lineup is getting a new model called the Family Tree and will surely please off piste and powder enthusiasts. A Craig Kelly pro model called the Deep Thinker is also making an appearance for the next season. 

Gnu snowboards

Gnu snowboards is known for their bold designs mixed in with some wacky graphics. Though you should not think that that is all they do. Gnu (along with their sister company Lib Tech) have crammed a lot of technology into their boards for the upcoming 2018/2019 season. One new addition to their lineup is the Spasym, which is an asymmetrical directional board for freeride riders. 

Jones snowboards

This year Jones snowboards is expanding their Mind Expander lineup. Now they will be offered in more sizes available for women, men and kids as well. To make matters even better, the Mind Expander also comes in as a splitboard. Talk about a versatile snowboard! Another interesting addition to their lineup is a bindingless snow surfer called The Mountain Surfer. 

K2 snowboards

K2 is also adding two new snowboards to their lineup, the Manifest and the Broadcast. The aforementioned being a versatile all mountain for intermediate riders. The latter is a more budget-friendly all mountain rippers. The biggest change in their lineup is a few pairs of heated snowboard boots called Maysis Heat and Sapera Heat. 

Lib Tech snowboards

Lib tech snowboards (and Gnu) have been on top of the snowboard game for a long time. From their beloved Magne-Traction edge tech to interesting asymmetrical snowboard designs, they will surely not disappoint any rider this season. Aside from their standard lineup, they are releasing two new models, The Wayfinder and Orca. The wayfinder is a classic powder surf shape whereas the Orca, the new pro model for Travis Rice, is a deep-snow superstar. 

Nitro snowboards

Nitro is taking an interesting step in their business plan and making their most popular models cheaper than before. The biggest changes in their lineup is that their Squash model is out of the Quiver series and will hit the stores at a lower price point. Even better, it will come out in a low-budget splitboard as well! Quiver series sees some minor tweaks elsewhere as well. Nitro is also releasing three new snowboard designs, the Hazzard, Fusion and Fury. The Hazzard is a freestyle board made for rails and park in mind whereas the Fusion is a tapered directional all mountain board. Fury, on the other hand is an asymmetric board built for aggressive turns and stability at high speeds. 

Ride snowboards

Ride is coming out with some new snowboard designs for the upcoming 2018/2019 winter season as well. Their popular Warpig is getting two new versions, the Mountain Pig and the Twin Pig. The mountain pig is a stiffer version of the original for a more all-mountain feel. Twin Pig on the other hand is a twin version of the original with a reinforced edge – a great snowboard design for a freestyle rider.

Salomon snowboards

Salomon is bringing back some of their old classic, such as Josh Dirksen’s pro model Super 8. However, they do have a new pro models from Chris Grenier coming to stores soon as well. His 6-Piece model comes in an old-school shape for long biting turns. Salomon is also following the growing trend of splitboards, which is fine by us! The more the merrier. Their design is called the Pillow Talk.

Yes snowboards

Yes snowboards might be a newcomer when compared to other industry staples, but they’re definitely coming out with some quality snowboard designs. Just check last years Good Wood lists. Anyway, for the upcoming season Yes’s award-winning Basic model is celebrating its 10th anniversary. While it has had some minor tweaks, you will surely get the same performance as its earlier incarnations. The Yes Uninc now comes in an asymmetric twin shape with an asymmetric underbite. Last but not least, the all-mountain favorite Hel. Yes got a new core for better response on the mountain. 

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