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prevent skin cancer

How To Prevent Skin Cancer And Sunburn While Surfing

Ahh, the beach. Listening to the waves hit the shore whilst enjoying a cooling sea breeze in the sun. That’s the life, am I right? However, be sure to protect yourself to prevent skin cancer and sunburn. Here's how!

surf paddle technique

How To Perfect Your Surf Paddle Technique

Perfecting your surf paddle technique does not happen overnight. But, following our thorough guide you’ll definitely have a few aces up your sleeve. Check it out!

how to read a surf report, wave refraction

Here’s What You Need To Know About Wave Refraction And Shoaling

Ever wondered why waves behave like they do as they reach the shore? Well, in that case you might wanna check out this article about wave refraction and shoaling.

wave breaks, swell periods

Swell Periods Explained

Swell periods measure the time between waves in a set of waves. The longer the swell period, the more time the wave has to gain strength. It is also a very consistent factor for quality waves.

how to read a surf report, wave breaks

Beginner’s Guide To Different Wave Breaks

Different surf spots have different wave breaks. The best way to know how the wave is going to be formed is to know the difference between different locations. Here's all you need to know!

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