prevent skin cancer

How To Prevent Skin Cancer And Sunburn While Surfing

Ahh, the beach. Listening to the waves hit the shore whilst enjoying a cooling…

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surf paddle technique

How To Perfect Your Surf Paddle Technique

Perfecting your surf paddle technique does not happen overnight. But, following…

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how to read a surf report, wave refraction

Here’s What You Need To Know About Wave Refraction And Shoaling

Ever wondered why waves behave like they do as they reach the shore? Well, in…

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wave breaks, swell periods

Swell Periods Explained

Swell periods measure the time between waves in a set of waves. The longer the…

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how to read a surf report, wave breaks

Beginner’s Guide To Different Wave Breaks

Different surf spots have different wave breaks. The best way to know how the…

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how to read a surf report

Learn How To Read A Surf Report

If you want to know how to surf, you also need to learn how to read a surf…

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surf wetsuits

Buyer’s Guide: Surf Wetsuits And Rash Guards

Surf wetsuits and rash guards are an essential part of any surfer's setup.…

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best surfboard

Buyer’s Guide: Surfboards

Every surfer wants the best surfboard under their feet. Everything from board…

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best surf leash

Buyer’s Guide: Surfboard Leashes

Surfboard leashes come in a number of different lengths and offer you comfort…

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best surfboard fins

Buyer’s Guide: Surfboard Fins

Buying the best surfboard fins for your needs can be a daunting task if you…

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