Skateboard trucks are the parts that keep your board together. They control the way you turn and how are your board response to the movement of your feet. A great rule of thumb is that the best skate trucks are the ones that fit your deck. That is why it is important to size your trucks according to the size of your board and your wheels.

Width of the trucks

The first thing you need to consider when buying new trucks is how wide of a board you’re used to skating with. Their width should be directly related to the width your board or “deck“. A truck that is too narrow will not provide enough stability, whereas a truck that is too wide might hit your heel when your pushing for more speed. This can result in some nasty slams.

The difficult thing about buying new trucks is that skateboard decks are usually measured in inches whereas truck measuring often varies from brand to brand. This happens because some brands measure the width from axle nut to axle nut while others measure the width of the hanger. However, the right size for your deck is where in the truck isn’t more than a 1/4” wider or narrower than your deck.

Height of the trucks

Low trucks usually refer to a shorter kingpin and are usually used by streets skaters. Shorter kingpins, or “low trucks”, offer more clearance between the rail or coping and your axle when you are grinding. They also keep you closer to the ground. Hence the name “low truck”. Being closer to the ground makes the board snappier, more responsive and more stable compared to high trucks. A smaller kingpin also makes them lighter in weight.

High trucks have a 5mm longer kingpin and they are mostly used by transition skaters. This is because most transition skaters enjoy the clearance between the wheels and your board. As a result you have a smaller turning radius and don’t have to worry about wheel bites. Bigger clearance also means that you can you buy bigger wheels for some a smoother ride. So if you are a transition skater, high models might be the best skate trucks for you.

If the truck height is not specified, you are probably looking at a high truck.


Bushings are the small urethane rings that go in between the metal parts on your truck’s kingpin. They follow the movement of your feet and allow you to turn your trucks.

Every skate truck comes with bushings in them and most of the time you will not even need to replace them. However, more experienced skaters might have a preference in the durometer (hardness) of the bushing. This translates to how quick the trucks turn. The softer the bushing – the quicker the turn. Harder durometer usually translates to a stiffer but more stable ride.

Bushings come in a variety of different hardnesses. It is shown in a two-digit number followed by the letter. A higher number indicates a harder bushing. One thing to remember is that not all bushings are of the same size. Some of them are specifically designed for high or low trucks. So be sure you know what you are getting before you buy.

Did our skateboard truck buyer’s guide teach you anything new? Let us know in the comments. 

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