Learning how to set up a skateboard is relatively simple. Usually all you need to do is use a skate tool or wrench and some hardware to connect a new board to your trucks. However, if you are buying a new complete you might need a few tips to make everything working as they should be.

What do you need to set up a skateboard?

  • One fully gripped deck
  • Two trucks
  • Four wheels
  • Eight bearings
  • A skate tool or an adjustable wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Eight bolts and eight screws

Putting the grip on your deck

  1. Start off by cutting a small piece of grip tape from the sheet and slightly sand the top of the deck. This will help the grip to stick to the deck and prevent air bubbles.
  2. Next up, place the grip tape on the deck. A good tip is to rest the grip tape on the nose and tail of the board and start pressing the grip tape from the center of the board towards the kicks.
  3. Once the grip is on the deck cut the grip at the corner “pockets” where the kicks begin.
  4. Take a screwdriver and scrape the sides until you see the edges of the deck.
    Next get a sharp razor or a knife and cut off the excess grip tape. Watch your fingers!
  5. Next, poke holes with the bolts are going to go. The easiest way to do this is to turn the deck around and poke the holes from beneath the board where the mounting holes are.
  6. Once you have set up your board, you might want to grab your and scrape the top of the deck back and forth on the pavement to prevent the edges from ripping apart.

Inserting the trucks

  1. Put the bolts through with the mounting holes of your deck, riser/shock pad (if you need one) and your trucks.
  2. Make sure that your trucks are facing the right direction.
  3. Use your fingers to connect the bolts to your screws.
  4. Then use a skate tool it’s screwed in tight. The flat end of the bolts should be flushed to the deck.

Bearings and wheels

  1. Each wheel has a recessed hole where the bearings are going to go. Usually they go in pretty easy but you might want to use your truck for help.
  2. Just push the bearing as deep as you can get.
  3. Then put the wheel on your truck and apply some weight on it until the bearing is all the way there. Repeat this on both sides of your wheels.
  4. Next up, put the wheels on your trucks. If you have washers make sure they are on both sides of the wheel.
  5. Tighten the wheels so that they don’t move sideways but they can still spin without restriction.
    If your wheels seem to be wearing down on one side you might also want to flip them.

Now you are all set!
Get out there and enjoy.

Did our buyer’s guide help you how to set up your skateboard? Let us know in the comments. 

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